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Army and Navy Academy

Back to School Family Weekend 2021

It was back to School Weekend for the Cadets at the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California. It was the first time that the parents had been able to celebrate this fine tradition with their boys in two years due to Covid. The weather was perfect for the celebration.

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Friday Night Football Game Big Win for the Warriors
Cross Country Senior Athletes recognized at half time.

It all started with a tailgate for the Friday Night Football Game. The Cadets led by the Cadet Command Sgt Major Alec Jenkins marched into the stadium supporting their brothers on the field as the “12th” Man. Sounded off an energetic ”Warrior Strong! Warrior Proud”. It was a big win for the Football team, who happens to be having a great year thus far in the season. The Cadets were enthusiastic with the Core of Cadets doing push-ups to match the score with each Warrior TD and I might add there were many. After the victory the cadets did a victory lap behind the ANA banner as confetti filled the sky.

The next morning bright and early it was the Morning Colors with each company reporting to the CSM Jenkins and the raising of the Stars and Stripes by Echo Company Cadets.

The parents had a chance to visit their cadet’s classroom and meet their teachers. It is so nice to have such high quality teachers in a small classroom setting with face to face learning, such a luxury for our boys during this era of Covid.

Alec enjoying some Ramen while on local liberty.
Pretty rough duty to be stationed right on the beach in Carlsbad. Do the boys know how good they have it?

That evening was the Commissioning of the Senior Leadership and the recognition of the newest cadets as they all took their oath. Afterwards the cadets all celebrated with their families at the Beach Bash, put on by the Parents Association. The families enjoyed great luau type of food with a steel drum band making “Everybody Feel Alright” as the sun set over the Pacific.

The last day was the Parents Association Meeting where we were able to hear from the new President, followed by the main event the Military Review and Sword Ceremony. The Corp of Cadets marched in celebrating Back to School with the families to the tunes of the ANA Marching Band welcomed back after being suspended last year due to Covid. The Pomp and Circumstance of the Corp of Cadets with it’s in step splendor was a sight to behold. The Seniors receiving their swords was magnificent and the click of the saber as they ceremoniously returned it to is scabbard and the hoot from the Seniors signified to all that they are now the ‘Big Man on Campus’.

Cadet Command Sargent Major Alec Jenkins in all his regalia.
Cadet Command Sgt Major Alec Jenkins flashes a smile with Mom and Dad

It was a fabulous weekend and so good to be back on campus for this special event with our boys.