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The House!!!


“THE HOUSE!!!” (Cue the theme song from the Exorcist). Joey had recently day hiked this remote area of the Angeles National Forest and he had stumbled upon this spooky ruin that sent shivers down his spine leaving him with an odd feeling that perhaps he should just move along, perhaps even quicken his pace. Joey’s story intrigued the backpacking group enough, comparing it to ’Blare Witch Project’ that after setting up the tents at Bear Camp they headed out into the heavy underbrush of an overgrown trail as the shadows lengthened. After about a mile through the darkening woods they arrived. “THE HOUSE!!!” had all of the elements of a creepy, eerie place. It was old made of river rock and cement, the roof was gone and the mysterious door had been knocked from it’s hinges. The door was heavy and reinforced it had strange air vents with a sort of cage over the opening. Was this to keep something out or keep something in? The inside was burned out and filled with debris and a rusty old burned up bed frame. A hush fell upon the group, the smiles and the jokes suspended. There was a moment of silence as they all just stared. This posed many unexplained questions, but since this strange place had a unearthly vibe of evil, and twilight was rushing upon them they thought that it best to make like Joey and just move along, perhaps even hasten the pace.

What would you do if you stumbled upon this eerie old ruin that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, as you were over come with a feeling of dread?

As the hikers headed back to camp there was light joking about the commercial where the kids attempting to elude their captor are questioning if they should run to the attic or the basement. Terrified they ultimately determine their best choice is to hide out behind the chainsaws because of course it would be ridiculous to get in the running car.

Anthony mentions to the group it seems like we should have got back to camp by now. The sun had set casting a ominous glow to the darkening forest trail. Suddenly as the group turned the bend there it was… “THE HOUSE!!!” “What the Hell”, gasped Grant! “Okay, okay, settle down, we must have just like got turned around I suppose“, muttered Anthony his eyes nervously darting around. “It’s starting to get dark”, exclaimed Joey. “and we don’t have head lamps”. “I always carry a headlamp on the trail,” responded Roger. “Okay good. Let’s get a move on.” The group hurried along the trail fighting through the overgrown foliage, Roger with the only illumination leading the way. “Are you sure this is the way“ questioned Grant with growing concern in his voice? Roger’s headlamp was dim and hardly giving off light. “How f-ing old is the lamp” blurted out Grant genuinely perturbed! Anthony exclaimed, “This is it we are back to camp.” “Then where are the tents”, cried out Joey?! Roger glanced at Grant who was as white as a ghost with an disturbing look on his face. “What’s his deal”, questioned Roger? Grant lifted his arm and pointed without uttering a word. The group spun around and there half lite by the now risen full moon… “THE HOUSE!!!” (Cue music from the movie “Psycho“.)


As day turned to night Grant hurried his pace through the deep dark wood trying to escape the feeling of doom that had taken over his every thought since he laid eyes on “THE HOUSE!!!”

Okay, the last paragraph was totally contrived as thoughts behind a Internet Short Feature Video Project.